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Bus Ducts

We produce all the various type of Bus Ducts needed for all types of production Plants. By this we mean, we produce a very wide range of Isolated Phase Bus “IPB” for Medium and Large Power Generation Plants. For smaller Generation Plants and all Industrial Plants we produce Non-Segregated Phase Bus and where required Segregated Phase Bus.

Typical uses for all these buses are found in:

  • Pumping and Hydroelectric Plants

  • Nuclear Power Plants

  • Thermoelectric Power Plants

  • Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants

  • Chemical Industries

  • Steel, Aluminum and Desalination Plants

  • Research and Development Laboratories

We incorporate the safest and most effective cost solutions for each type of application. We always use proven insulation systems. In IPB air is the insulation medium with the supporting insulators being made of resin or porcelain.

The temperature rise in the various buses conform to the standards specified, e.g. IEC, ANSI, CSA, etc. Typically IPB is IP65 while Non-Seg and Segregated bus may vary from IP31 to IP65. If the plant characteristics require, the best solution for a good installation may require bus pressurization. We do this too.

The IPB enclosure is normally aluminum. In general, the conductor can be either aluminum or copper. Most often, depending upon current ampacity, aluminum is the best choice.

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Post Sales Services

Alfa Standard provides a full range of post sales services:

  • Spare parts, such as conductor support insulators, sealing gaskets, flexible copper braids and bellows, anchor bolts, nuts and washers are
  • available in our warehouses and can be dispatched to our customers at very short notice.
  • Complete assortment of special tools (torque wrenches, levers, handles, etc.) can be provided for equipment installing and service.
  • Direct maintenance of the equipment with qualified operators.
  • In case of any emergency, such as outage shutdown, our engineers can be present directly at your sites at short notice.
  • A phone supporting system is provided by our engineers for general technical assistance.
  • Training courses for customers technical staff can be organized both in Alfa Standard and your facilities.
  • Test activities in site with Alfa Standard electrical equipment.

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